19 Newly Elected National Assembly Members to Take Oath on Monday

February 29, 2024
National Assembly

The commencement of the terms for nineteen recently elected National Assembly (NA) members, who secured their positions in the January 25 election, is scheduled for Monday as they prepare to take their oaths.

Summonses have been issued by the Federal Parliament Secretariat to elected representatives from all seven provinces, mandating their attendance for the official oath-taking ceremony on Monday. The term for these 19 NA members, elected during the previous polls, is expected to conclude on Sunday.

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To address the impending vacancy, President Ram Chandra Paudel will nominate a representative from the pool of twenty candidates.

Simultaneously, preparations are underway in the National Assembly for the election of a new Speaker, as the current occupant’s term is set to end on March 3. The election for this significant position is scheduled to take place on March 12.

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